8 Questions to Help You Find Your Passion

This is the year to take control of your life. If there is one lesson, we learned in 2020 it’s that your whole life can change in an instant. Without warning! So why do we waste our time doing things that make us unhappy? I get it, some of us really can’t do what they want because they have responsibilities: kids, bills, obligations, etc. I can respect that. But, for those who are letting fear get in the way of pursuing their dreams and passions… it’s time to get a grip.

Easier said than done; but, what are you doing every day that is pushing you toward that vision you have for God’s plan in your life? It doesn’t have to be drastic. For those of you who crave something more for your life but don’t know what that “thing” is; this one for you. Here are the things I asked myself to help me find my passion.

I’m going to preface by saying that you can have more than one passion! Sometimes your interests can help guide you to your passion. Before you start finding what you’re passionate about, you need to do some reflection. Utilize the tools that are given to you already. When I was lost with what I wanted to do with my life I reflected on the things I knew about myself and the things people notice about me. Start by asking yourself these questions:

1. If money wasn’t a factor, what would you do be doing with your life?

Imagine this world was not dependent on paying bills. Take the financial piece of it out. Where would you spend your days? We are so conditioned into thinking that money brings us happiness when really happiness comes from within. Chasing money will never bring you happiness.

I didn’t know what I’d do at first, but I loved to talk to people and listening to their stories and sharing mine. I would definitely become a motivational speaker. I would honestly do this for free. It give me a high to speak positivity into others’ lives.

2. Is there something you already love doing?

This should be simple. I’m sure you picked a major in college that was aligned with your skills and talents. Maybe what you’re involved in is already connected you to your passion.

If you’re not sure, I suggest you spend some time relaxing and letting your thoughts roam wild. Go for a walk, dance, sit at the beach, yoga. Whatever brings you some peace and quiet to let your thoughts come alive. I love to provide people with resources to be successful and to create content. I think that’s why I initially chose marketing. While it wasn’t my end all be all, I did learn some awesome skills that would help me in the long run.

3. What projects/assignments jump out at you?

One quick way to find out what you like is to pay attention to what you don’t like. It’s okay to be specific about the tasks that excite you. If you can eliminate some things off your list you can start to ponder on the tasks you do like and what about them helps you enjoy them.

I enjoy traveling and had a job where I could do some event planning / trade show work. That opened my eyes to wanting a job that allows me to be mobile, not sitting at a desk 5 days a week. It may not be a guiding path but if definitely gives me somewhere to start!

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

Easy, right? For me this was a no brainer. I love to read, journal, and workout. The key to this is using these activities to either align with your passion or to get you in a place where you can have more time to reflect and connect with your surroundings. It’s amazing what a little silence can do for the soul.

5. What topics excite you? Books / Magazines you’re naturally engaged with?

What are you picking up at the library? What’s in your google searches? What companies/blogs are you subscribed to? These are the topics you want to dive into and understand on a deeper level. I love personal development and psychology. Learning about the latest discoveries and theories keep me engaged.

6. What makes you lose track of time?

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with Sims. I would play that game all day and night long. I would be so lost in the game that I’d blink and a whole day would go by. At first I thought I enjoyed it from the video game aspect, but then I realized I loved getting to make choices and guide characters to their life goals. I can literally push my characters into things that would reach their lifetime aspirations. I loved that feeling of helping pursuing their dreams. To this day that still stands true for me.

7. What can you talk to someone about for hours and not grow tired of?

Hmmm. The answer to this one will guide you towards the things that excite you. Passion does not have to be the answer to why you get out of bed every day, sometimes passion leads to questions that you want to answer.

I can read/talk about any psychological theories and motivations for hours on end. I also love to dissect people brains. I want to know why you love what you do? What motivates you? How do you influence others? That’s what I love about meeting new people, Getting their perspective about how they view the world is so amusing to me.

8. What things did you enjoy as a kid?

Mini you must have been a handful, but think back to the days where time, freedom, and fun were on our side. What were you doing? For help on this talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I am sure they will have some funny stories for you.

My grandma always tells me that I COULD TALK. I would talk to whoever had a ear to listen. That cracks me up thinking that I’m 6 years talking about God knows what. Carrying on full blown conversations with friends and sometimes strangers. No shame, I can embrace my talkativeness. What’s your silly gift?

What now?

These are great places to start. Try these out. Write it all down somewhere. You never know what you might find. Leave the negativity and judgement out the way. Write things from the heart, no matter how silly, ridiculous, irresponsible, or crazy they may sound. Just let your mind go.

If you’re struggling with this, then below are two personality tests that may get you thinking in the right direction.

Myers Briggs: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

MBTI Personality Types
Source: https://www.mouth.com/blogs/mouthpiece/gifts-for-every-myers-briggs-type

This test is defined as, “an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving” (Wikipedia, n.d.).

One letter from each category is used to make your appropriate four-letter test result. There are 16 personality types in total such as ENFJ, ESFP, INTP, etc. Once you know your 4 letter personality type you can search for “careers for ESFJ” (with your personal letters of course).

Enneagram: https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test

Enneagram types to help learn about who you are at your core.
Enneagram types Source: https://blog.doist.com/enneagram-and-work/

“The Enneagram is a personality typing tool that breaks down the patterns of human behavior into nine distinct types. Each type has a specific motivation, along with basic fears, levels of health, and so forth. It’s particularly helpful in showing us our blind spots and coping mechanisms,” explained Sarajane Case of Enneagram and Coffee.

This helps you understand who you are at your core and determine some of your strengths and weaknesses associated with your number type. There are both free versions and paid tests. I always do the free ones as this is meant to guide you, not tell you who you are. These will help bring you one step closer to finding your passion.

Key Takeaways

These are just some ideas to get you thinking. How you use them is entirely up to you. It is so important to understand who you are before you try to pursue your passion. I found myself through God, reflection, and prayer. Really listen to yourself: identify the things you like and dislike. There is no right or wrong answer, but selling yourself short is not an option.

It is really hard to wake up one day and feel like you have wasted all your time in the wrong career, school program, sport, or whatever it may be. Wasted time is exactly that… wasted! You can’t get that back and there’s no reason to dwell on it. It’s never to late to start over. People always tell me the best time to explore and figure yourself out is while you’re young. I see it as being much harder to keep moving forward because you’re scared to go backwards.

It’s 2021 and we are done letting our fears control our future. It’s time we say yes to ourselves and go after the things we want in life. Go get it

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers%E2%80%93Briggs_Type_Indicator


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